UPSers Forgot User ID: Steps to Reset UPSers User ID

Unable to login because you “Forgot User ID”? No worries. You can easily restore your user ID by visiting the official website of UPS on your smartphone or computer. User ID is the employee ID that is assigned by your company when you join United Parcel Services as an employee.

United Parcel Services is the world’s largest package handling and shipping service. Founded in 1907, UPS offers¬†logistics services, courier express, and freight forwarding. Their services are spread across the world in many countries.

upsers forgot your password


With your user ID and password, you can use the UPSers employee online portal. You just have to register for an account with your employee ID and a PIN that you have to generate on the portal itself. Most times, employees forget their user ID and can’t access their account.

If you also forgot the user ID of your UPSers account, then don’t panic. There is an official method for getting back your user ID without any difficulties. You can find the option saying “Forgot User ID?” on the login portal.

By going through the “Forgot User ID” option, you can easily retrieve the employee ID. To know how to retrieve your UPSers user ID, go through the method that is given below.

UPSers Forgot User ID

If you have forgotten your user id then you can easily retrieve it on your email. As long as you remember the correct email address that you used while registering for an account, you can get back your user ID as well as password too. Follow these simple steps to get your UPSers user ID.

  • Firstly, open your browser and go to the UPSers login page.
  • Select the “Forgot User ID or Password” option.

upsers forgot id

  • Or directly copy this URL
  • Now, you will be directed to the ID and password recovery page.

upsers forgot user id

  • Go to the “Recover User ID” section.
  • Enter your email id and click on the “Submit” button.
  • The email address should be your registered email ID.
  • You will receive your User ID through your email.

Make sure to note it down this time so that you won’t be in trouble another time. If you remember your UPSer user ID but forgot the password, then you can also restore it. Here is how to reset UPSers password.

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How To Reset UPSers Forgot Password

In order to reset the password, or restore your old password, you must at least remember the registered email ID of your account. Now, with your email id in hand, you can perform the below steps to get back your password.

  • Firstly, open your browser and go to the UPSers login page.
  • Select the “Forgot User ID or Password” option.
  • Or directly copy this URL

recover upsers forgot user id

  • Now, you will be directed to the ID and password recovery page.
  • Go to the “Reset Password” section.
  • Enter your registered email address and user ID.
  • Finally, click on the “Reset My Password” button.

You will receive an email with a link to UPSers reset the password. Open the link and go through the on-page instructions to set a new password. Make sure to remember the password this time.

UPSers Websites

If you want to visit the official website of UPS or want to login to your account, then here are the website addresses provided for you. There is also the URL given for the “Forgot User ID and Password” page.

UPS Official Website
UPSers Login Website
UPSers Forgot User ID and Password Website

Final Words

Hope you are clear about the “Forgot User ID” issue on UPSers online portal made for UPS employees commonly referred to as UPSers. Just visit the official website and enter your registered email ID so that you can get back your User ID on your email. Also, we have given how to reset the UPSers password if you forgot it. Visit for more informative guides and articles.

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