What are UPS Employee Benefits & Perks {Complete Info}

UPS is an excellent destination to earn a good income and reach your goals. Many people show interest in joining UPS due to the impressive UPS employee benefits provided there. UPS is known for its largest courier and shipping services across the world.

United Parcel Services is a public sector package delivery service founded in 1907. Now, this company has spread its services all around the world and is considered to be the largest package delivery service in the world.

ups employee benefits

Packages are always in stock to be delivered or sent to the customers at UPS. People send their packages from all around the world to their families, relatives, and friends. Especially, on the peak days of their business, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, UPS goes in great demand for employees.

UPS provides its employees great benefits along with an impressive salary, incentives, and bonuses. Employees are completely provided the UPS employee benefits whether they are full-time, part-time, or seasonal. If you are also interested in a job at UPS, then here are the complete details about UPS employee benefits.

UPS Employee Benefits

UPS is considered to be one of the most beneficial and trusted companies when it comes to treating their employees. The minimum wage for a UPS employee ranges from $11 to $19 for every hour depending on their job roles.

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Apart from the wages, there are also other beneficial programs and policies that come with being a UPS employee. Here are some of the major UPS employee benefits provided by the UPS company.

Health and Wellness

UPS takes special care when it comes to their employee’s health and wellness. There are additional UPS employee benefits offered that include travel accident insurance, child care, long term care insurance, cancer care, dental health checkup, hearing care, supplemental group Universal Life program, long term disability health checkups, and maintenance, and other health programs.

So, not only the employee but also his/her family members can also utilize the UPS employee benefits. If you have a child or are going to expect one, then there is also a child care benefit available. This will offer you free checkups for your child from the UPS company.

UPS TAP(Tuition Assistance Program)

UPS TAP short for United Parcel Services Tuition Assistance Program is another one of the best UPS employee benefits. All the employees working in Part-time Union, Full-time Union, and Part-time non-union employees are provided scholarships for encouraging them to pursue their studying career.

There are some necessary terms & conditions that should be followed and fulfilled accordingly so that you are recognized as eligible for the scholarship. Based on your qualification degree and if all the conditions are fulfilled, the UPS employee benefits are given as tuition fee reimbursement to the employees.

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Competitive Salaries

The salary provided at UPS is a lot more impressive when compared to other companies. Even for a simple package handler job, you will get a starting pay of at least $11 to $12 for one hour. On a higher post and based on your experience, the starting pay can also increase.  If you are assigned overtime work, then you will be fairly paid for that as well.

Employee Assistance Program

Other notable UPS employee benefits are the paid time offs and 401k facility. Here one thing should be noted that part-time employees are eligible for all the benefits except life insurance, weekly disability, and AD&D insurance.

UPS Job Positions

If you are interested in working for the UPS company, then here are the job positions available at UPS. You can select a job position that suits your qualification and also you can select if you want to work full-time, part-time, or just as a seasonal employee.

what are ups employee benefits

You will definitely love the work environment of UPS. Also, they provide pretty good incentives and UPS employee benefits that every employee absolutely loves.

Job Type Delivery & WareHouse Technicians & Fleet Engineering Corporate
Part-Time All Drivers Automotive All Engineers Customer Solutions
Full-Time Tractor-Trailer Drivers Plant Industrial Engineers Finance
Seasonal Package Delivery Drivers Air Plant Engineers Global Business Services
Truckload Drivers Automotive Fleet Supervisor Internship for  Engineers IT
LTL Drivers Marketing
Package Handler (PT) Sales
WareHouse (FT)

Final Words

That was all about the UPS employee benefits. UPS provides health insurance, life insurance, 401k facility, tuition fee reimbursement (according to your qualification degree), paid time offs, festive bonuses, and much more along with an impressive salary. If you are willing to be an employee of UPS, then there are a number of job positions available. You can try your luck. Visit UPSers.com website for more related articles.

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