UPS Driver Helper Job Description, Duties, Salary & More

UPS has a great demand for employees when it comes to the peak days of their business. If you are interested in the UPS driver helper job, then this post is specially written for you. In this post, we have given all the information regarding the UPS Driver Helper Job description.

UPS is an American multinational courier and cargo company running for more than a century. They have to deliver thousands of packages each day only in the US. On holidays and special days, the delivery packages are doubled or tripled. This is the reason why UPS hires seasonal or temporary driver helpers on the peak days of their business. All the employees at UPS have a portal to check all their details & it is known as Upsers.

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If you are interested in a job, then this would be one of the best options. Driver Helper job position is one of the most popular jobs that keep making its way in the vacancy lists of UPS. The job is very easy to carry out and is also fun to do. If you are an active candidate with a not so bad physique, then you can easily get a job as a UPS driver helper. Know all the details about its salary, duties, and more below.

UPS Driver Helper Job Details

The main concern of the driver helper should be assisting the truck driver through tout the delivery service. Maintain the packages, prepare the next package to be delivered ahead, and then carry it to their doorstep. Remember that the seasonal Driver Helper can’t ride the delivery truck at all.

Below are all the necessary details that you must know before applying for the driver helper job. We have given the duties, working hours, appearance guidelines, and salary details as well below.

What Are UPS Driver Helper Duties

The driver helper’s job is to be with the delivery truck driver and prepare the next package to be delivered. The driver helper has to lift and deliver the package to the destination address as the driver can’t do everything on their own.

To be a UPS driver helper, the most necessary factor that you should be fulfilling is the fitness and active behavior. You must be able to lift heavy weights and up to 75 pounds of packages by yourself. There will be a stack of load in the truck to be delivered, and you have to find the next package to be delivered and keep it prepared.

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Then, lift the package and deliver it by yourself to their doorstep. All of this will require good physical fitness, the ability to lift moderate weights, and also an adaptable body nature as you have to travel in the sun and snow.

  • Loading of the packages into the UPS vehicle.
  • Unloading the packages to deliver them to the recipients.
  • Helping the UPS delivery truck driver with deliveries.
  • Showing good communication skills while talking to customers.
  • Complete other tasks that are given by the management team.
  • Maintain a perfect image as per the company policy.

UPS Driver Helper Working Hours

The average working hours of a UPS driver helper are 40 hours per week. However, all the driver helper job position employees must always be ready to accept schedule flexibility. Since their job is related to the package delivery service, the time might take longer than expected so the employee must be willing to accept the situation and complete their duty.

ups driver helper working hours

On most busy days, the driver helpers have to work overtime and it can go up to 50 hours a week. This mostly happens between the Thanksgiving and Christmas events. So, UPS hires some temporary employees for the driver helper and other job positions. The UPS seasonal driver helper employees work from 8 AM to 8 PM straight on the peak days of the courier service.

How Much Does UPS Driver Helper Make

UPS seasonal driver helper pay starting range is $11 per hour. Most of the driver helper employees are taken in the festive seasons due to busy working hours and the demand for driver helpers. But, if they are accepted as a full-time employee later, then this UPU driver helper salary will be more.

Also, if a person is experienced in this field, or has worked somewhere as a driver helper before, then such a UPS driver helper pay starting range is $19 per hour and can be even more when they are accepted as permanent employees.

how much does ups driver helper make

Full-time driver helpers are provided a good salary, and along with that, there are special benefits like health insurance, life insurance, pension plan, paid time off, tuition fee reimbursement according to your degree qualification, 401k facility, and much more.

UPS Driver Helper Appearance Guidelines

To give your service as a driver helper at UPS courier, you must maintain the appearance guidelines applied by the company. Temporary or permanent, both employees must follow the grooming standards of the UPS company.

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Uniform will be provided to the employees by the company itself but the shoes must be carried on their own. Driver Helpers must wear slip-resistant brown or black leather shoes. Male employees are not allowed to have a beard or a goatee. And coming to female driver helpers, they should not have their hair longer than shoulder length.


We hope you got a clear picture of the driver helper job at the UPS courier company. You will be responsible for loading and unloading packages and has to personally deliver the package to the receiver. A little physical strength and active nature are all that you need to carry out a job as a UPS driver helper. If you liked this information, visit our to check out more articles.

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