UPS Complaints: UPS Customer Service Complaints Department

United Parcel Services (UPS) is a century-old package delivery company offering its service around the world. If you have to file UPS complaints regarding a poor delivery service, rude staff, late shipment delivery, or anything else, then you are always welcome to give UPS complaints on their service.

UPS is now serving more than 200 countries and territories with more than 15 million packages delivered every day around the world. Founded back in 1907, this parcel delivery company has come a long way and is the largest courier service in the world.

ups complaints

However, if you want to make UPS complaints about their staff, delivery service, damaged or lost packages, and other things, then UPS will definitely help you out. You just have to contact them via Email, Twitter, or telephone number to make UPS complaints.

How To File UPS Complaints

To issue UPS complaints, or to make a claim for a lost or damaged product, the UPS Claims department is always there to ask for help. If you want to contact the customer care service of a particular area, then directly go to the website.

ups customer care service

Head to the “Customer Care Service” and contact them through the given number or write a mail to the given address. If not, here is the main UPS complaints & claims department contact details.

Customer Care For Receiving UPS Complaints

The most helpful and easiest method is to directly talk over the phone. Just contact the UPS customer service department through the given phone number and tell them what is your issue concerning their services. Talk to the customer service and tell them whether your package is not delivered, or got a damaged delivery, or want to report their staff, etc.

  • Call Customer Care on  1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS)
  • Email Address:
  • UPS Complaints Website:

However, if you don’t want to talk directly, you can also write an e-mail to the given email address. Not only complaints, but you can also claim for an undelivered or damaged package. To know how to claim the UPS company for an undelivered package, read below.

ups complaints of undelivered packages

Start a Claim

If you are the sender or supposed to be the recipient of an undelivered package, then you can start a claim on this. You can also claim the UPS company for a damaged package or a package delivered far late than the given date. UPS suggests contacting the customer care service to start a claim. You can also go to the UPS complaints department website.

ups complaints & claims

Here are the important things needed to start a claim. If you are the recipient of an undelivered package, then get the tracking number and other details of the package from your sender.

  • Consignee contact information
  • Delivery date
  • Package weight (for individual package claims only)
  • Description of problem
  • Number of lost or damaged items
  • Tracking/Reference number(s)
  • Merchandise value and currency

Then, you have to start a claim and give many more pile of information about your package, the sender, the recipient, etc. The process is quite troublesome but it is necessary to raise a complaint when you got an issue.

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Processing the Claim

UPS takes 10 to 15 working days to work and process the customer claim. A claim for an undelivered package will take at least 10 days. So, once you submit your claim, wait for a minimum of 10 days and if you haven’t heard back from them, then contact the customer service again.

If you have submitted a claim for a damaged package, then it takes up to 15 working days. After that, if you still haven’t heard from them, contact them again.

If Claim is Not Answered

Even after trying for a claim on email, Twitter, telephone, and mail, UPS is not replying? No problem, try this method. Write a letter to the president of the UPS services explaining your problem to that person. Since you are going to address the president of the company, make sure to be as polite and as humble as possible.

Write your name, address, your package delivery area UPS location, and explain your problem in the letter. Make sure to give your contact information and send the letter. Also, copy the same letter and send it to the local customer care service of your area. Hope for the best and wait for a reply.


UPS is a huge delivery company with millions of packages delivered around the world. So, if you got unlucky and your package was not delivered or lost, then you can claim a refund and compensation by submitting your claim. Just contact the customer care service and tell him or her that you want to start a claim. They will guide you through it. Hope you liked this post. For more related posts, visit the UPSers website.

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