The Moment a UPS Delivery Man is Recorded on the Door of a Latino Family

The moment a UPS delivery man is recorded on the door of a Latino family: The man left without delivering the package after insulting the members of the property, without suspecting that he was being searched by the surveillance system.

An employee of global shipping and logistics company UPS was fired after making racist comments while delivering a package to a Milwaukee Latino home before Christmas.

UPS Delivery Man

Video captured by the doorbell camera of the house on the night of December 17 shows a white man in a UPS uniform waiting at the front door with a package and writing what appears to be an “undeliverable” notice. ”.

“Now you’re not going to get an m … You can’t read, write or speak the f … English language,” says the worker as he tapes the notice on the door of the house where a young Latino policeman lives.

Apparently, after the limitations in the communication that he believed existed, he would have written a note for the company in which he indicates “it could not be delivered,” reported journalist Nicole Acevedo.

“UPS is huge, they are global and this serves as an example for any other company that delivers packages. You can not do that. You can’t just look at a package and make these crazy assumptions, ”Shirley Aviles, the Latino officer’s mother, told NBC News.

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For privacy reasons, the name of the terminated UPS employee will not be released.

The Latino rights advocacy group Forward Latino organized a press conference last Tuesday on behalf of the Latino policeman and his mother, two weeks after the incident and after multiple failed attempts to obtain a response from UPS, he said. the president of the NGO, Darryl Morin. The young policeman, who was not identified, did not participate in the press conference.

Digital records of the doorbell video camera service provided by the family and shared with journalists by forwarding Latino do not show the UPS worker ringing the doorbell when he went to deliver the package to Aviles’ home. Morin added that there is also no evidence that the worker knocked on the door.

Darryl Morin assured that it was an act with the intention of ruining the Christmas holidays of a family, with the sole pretext of being a home of Latin American origin. The act, he said, can be classified as ” hateful rhetoric.”

“The only information this employee had that could serve as a trigger for this deep-seated hatred was the name on the package,” Morin said. The last name on the package read Aviles, according to the NBC News slogan. “What we have here is a very intentional act of ruining someone’s Christmas, ” he added.

According to the family, it was a package with a Christmas present, which they received days later, once the date had passed; however, he insisted that it may have been something of an emergency.

“The package was a Christmas present that we finally received after Christmas Day, but what if it had urgent content like an EpiPen or a book that I needed to render an ending,” said the police officer’s mother. “I do not get it. It’s just sad, ”he added.

For his part, Matthew O’Connor, UPS senior manager of media relations, said in an email that the company “immediately contacted the family to offer our sincerest apologies when we learned of this incident.” Stay tuned to for getting more updates about UPS.

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